13 julho 2016


Depois de comunicar a sua saída iminente, Cameron vira-se, regressa ao número 10, e... põe-se a cantarolar.

O facto não tem importância nenhuma. Já os comentários a este vídeo, alguns, vale a pena ler:

- He sings to himself. So What? Next the BBC will revealling that he likes toast.

- you need to sing the password or the doors wont open 

- What does it mean? British people, please? Is it a charm to open the door?
--- It's how we let our Butlers know we want to come back in and we want gin.
--- It's magic we've just been keeping all the real harry potter stuff to ourselves.
--- The "private schools" we have are actually schools for witchcraft and wizardry.
--- Don't question us muggle.

- This is the most English thing I have ever seen
--- A bit like the band playing on whilst the Titanic was sinking...

- Has anybody done a cover yet?

- I knew he would go out on a bad note.

Adenda: já há composições musicais inspiradas neste momento. Podem ver aqui (e vale muito a pena!) (Obrigada, Rita Carreira.)

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