14 dezembro 2012


A propósito do massacre de hoje nos EUA, copio para aqui um comentário que li no NYT:

"nn montana

 I am a school psychologist.
 Guns are part of the problem. A bigger part of the problem is a culture that embraces violence as a form of "entertainment" and de-conditions people to it from the time they are little in cartoos, television shows and movies so fraught with gore it is unreal. Gore so realistic it's beyond realistic. Add to that a nation that doesn't believe in public health care, let alone public mental health care, and a huge denial of the significance of mental health problems and you have the makings of a disaster that plays itself out over and over again.
 So sure, go after guns. But don't neglect the very big other parts of the puzzle, the multi billion dollar industry built around portraying violence as entertaining or "fun" in the form of apps, programs, game boys, television programs and movies that trains people to not see violence as violence but as a way to 'solve a problem,' or as an entertaining distraction. And go after our nonexistent mental health 'system' which would include child protective service agencies. For if you only cut off one arm of the monster, you will find it has several others to shoot with."


3 comentários:

jj.amarante disse...

Estou farto da conversa da treta de que a representação da violência em filmes e jogos é inócua. É a mentira tantas vezes contada até as pessoas começarem a achar que é verdade.

Gi disse...

Para mim, faz todo o sentido.

Cristina Torrão disse...

A chave está mesmo aqui: "trains people to not see violence as violence but as a way to 'solve a problem'"