29 maio 2016

porque hoje é domingo: história mirabolante de uma miúda que quer inventar um foguetão

Do Humans of New York:

"I'm going to build a rocket ship out of a trash can and some wood and a bubble that never pops, and then I'm going to test it out to see if it goes somewhere, and if it goes somewhere, I'll go to outer space and see things that people never even saw before."

Resposta da NASA, no facebook:

NASA - National Aeronautics and Space Administration You're just about the right age to be on one of the first human missions on our Journey to Mars! We're building NASA's Space Launch System rocket and NASA’s Orion Spacecraft right now, but we're going to need innovators like you to develop new technologies people haven't even thought of yet to get there. Keep experimenting, keep testing, keep dreaming, and keep looking up!

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