09 dezembro 2011

Dear toothfeary

Mais uma variação do tema "querido Pai Natal":

Dear toothfeary
I'v been loveing the gifts your brining me, but this time I have been waiting sence day and night for you to bring me 20 dolors or more! But please just this time please just onece. If you will not make it just give me another prity doll or animal. I'v always been waiting for you to bring me money but I am stil loveing the gifts you ave brining me. All the time Iv been trying to save money just to buy something special but I keep on runing out of money. My brother and I have to put our money together but then their is not inofe, so please just onece.
love toothfeary
from Christina

(em San Francisco, teria uns seis ou sete anos, e uma chata de uma mãe, que em vez de lhe dar dinheiro, tinha a pancada dos Folkmanis Puppets do Pier 29)