08 março 2017

Sally Potter sobre o Brexit

De uma entrevista com Sally Potter na The Hollywood Reporter, 11.2.2017, por ocasião da estreia mundial do seu filme The Party na Berlinale:

You were shooting during the Brexit vote. Did the decision leave a dark cloud over the production the following morning?

Yes, it really did. People turned up in tears. It was a couple of days before the end of the shoot, and there was a shock, grief and horror, because this, of course, is a pan-European cast and crew - a Russian DP, Argentinian designers living in Paris, French sound crew. I always do that mix-up on both sides of the camera. It creates a much better working atmosphere for everybody. Nobody can settle back into old habits. It brings new qualities into the mix and the mix is what's thrilling about it. So this feeling of borders coming down and nationalism rising its head... people were in an absolute state of shock.

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