29 março 2014

Salomé Lamas em Berlim

Transcrevo a notícia em inglês:

DAAD Fellow Salomé Lamas 31.3. & 1.4.2014, 8 pm, Cinema Arsenal

The Portuguese filmmaker and artist Salomé Lamas (*1987) is currently the guest of the 
DAAD's Artists-in-Berlin program. Her installations and films are shown at festivals and 
in art institutions. Our selection of her shorts ranges from classic documentary work to a 
more complex approach involving installation. In A COMUNIDADE (The Community, 
Portugal 2012) Salomé Lamas observes the oldest campsite in Portugal, talking to 
people there about camping. ENCOUNTERS WITH LANDSCAPE (3X) (Portugal 2012)
 shows the filmmaker in nature – with Kant’s ideas of the sublime in mind. 
Unexpectedly, her excursions into the country become an existential experience. 
For the viewer, they represent an audiovisual adventure. 
THEATRUM ORBIS TERRARUM (Portugal 2013) tells a very different kind 
of adventure story - on water, on land, in the light, in the dark, in space and in time. 
(Birgit Kohler)


31.3., 20h No final, debate com Salomé Lamas
TERRA DE NINGUÉM No Man’s Land Salomé Lamas Portugal 2012 OmE 72‘

1.4., 20h No final, debate com S Salomé Lamas
A COMUNIDADE The Community Salomé Lamas Portugal 2012 OmE 23'
ENCOUNTERS WITH LANDSCAPE (3X) Salomé Lamas Portugal 2012 OmE 29‘
THEATRUM ORBIS TERRARUM Salomé Lamas Portugal 2013 OmE 26‘In

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Nora Molitor & Angelika Ramlow I arsenal distribution

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