11 outubro 2011

a magia de Berlim

Um filme feito com 50.000 fotografias, que capta muito bem alguma da magia de Berlim.
Nele, gosto especialmente das cenas ao anoitecer.
Ah, esta cidade!

Berlin Dynamic from Matthias Makarinus on Vimeo.
Dynamic Berlin - Timelapse project with over 50.000 photos and thousands of people. Dynamic light, clouds, street life, movement and much more. Shot from May 2010 - September 2011 with Canon 5D Mark II and many lenses. And Yes I Like the Canon 15mm Fisheye :). Many details can be seen only at the second or third visit, have fun while watching. Making of comes later. Thanks to all the people in my film.

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Paulo disse...

:) Se o meu sangue não me engana...

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