13 maio 2013

hei-de ir ver quem é o responsável pelo marketing deles, porque nunca se sabe, e se um dia precisar de um marketingueiro para mim, havia de ser este

Dear friends and fans,

We receive so much from the audience when on stage (applause, bras, eggs and tomatoes) that we decided to give something back today: knowledge. Very specific knowledge. German sausage knowledge. Because it's all about the Wurst (sausage, xiāngcháng, kiełbasa).

You might have encountered this problem: Frankfurter or Wiener? How to know which one to order? Easy. Just as German grammar. Follow the rules and memorize exceptions.

When in
Frankfurt, order Wiener.
When in
Vienna, order Frankfurter.

Now, let's turn towards exceptions: when in
Berlin, order Currywurst. When in Stuttgart, order Bratwurst. Actually, there's an exception to this exception: What you really should order in Stuttgart is Spätzle. Or a Mercedes.

... and that's about it. All you need to know. See? Easy. Follow the rules and memorize exceptions.

You wonder why we're telling you this? In preparation for your IGUDESMAN & JOO concert visit to FRANKFURT (May 26), BERLIN (June 5), VIENNA (June 9), and STUTTGART (June 25)! When in Rzeszow, Poland, you might not get a Wurst, but you will get a premiere: IGUDESMAN & JOO for the first time in Poland (May 24)!

See you there!

P.S.: Watch our latest YouTube video for a different version of how to settle upcoming Wurst issues. With special thanks to Chisayo Lewis for her hand-made crafty craft creation of Igudesman & Joo.

IGUDESMAN & JOO in Germany and Austria - May/June 2013
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2 comentários:

Gi disse...

Há algum tempo que já não me ria tanto.
Obrigada, Helena!

Helena disse...

Somos duas. :)
Se eles forem a Portugal, não percas!