07 fevereiro 2014

de 7 a 23 de Fevereiro, uma chama no coração de Berlim

Hoje acenderam uma chama do arco-íris na Potsdamer Platz, que vai ficar lá até ao fim dos Jogos Olímpicos de Inverno. Transcrevo do site do grupo:

When the Olympic Flame is being lit during the opening ceremonies in Sochi on 7 February, we are going to light our own flame in the heart of Berlin. And we want to keep the RAINBOW FLAME burning for everyone to see during the entire two weeks of the Winter Games – right at Potsdamer Platz.
In the colors of the rainbow, our Flame will burn day and night as a solemn vigil to those being persecuted, and as a meeting place for people to come together and learn about what is happening. The RAINBOW FLAME is an open invitation to everyone in Berlin and beyond. Together, in rotating shifts, we want to guard the Flame as a constant vigil for the entire time of the Olympic Games, and thus send a clear message of solidarity with the LGBTI community around the world: "Love is not for propaganda!"

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Paulo disse...

Aqui não se consegue fazer corações, mas cá fica: <3 Berlin.